When we hear the word yoga only one thing comes to our mind is breathing in and out. Do you really think yoga is only about it? Yes definitely breathing process is the foundation of yoga but there surely is a long beautiful building constructed over it. One of its parts is starching which helps you get rid of all your pains. Today we will discuss best 10 minutes stretching for slimming and relaxing your Calves and Ankles.
1. Standing calf stretch (L)
2. Standing calf stretch (R)
3. Down dog steps
4. Single leg down dog (L)
5. Single leg down dog (R)
6. Wall calf stretch (L)
7. Wall calf stretch (R)
8. Ankle Circle.

Standing Calf Stretch

The first one is standing calf stretch. Step your right leg in front and your left leg in back, bend your front leg in the forward direction and keep both of your both hand palms on your right thighs and try to keep your back leg straight. Set your weight down on your thighs at the same time. Try to have both feet flat on the floor. You should be feeling a stretch in the calf of your left leg at this stage. If you want to feel more stretch take a bigger step apart between two legs and push yourself a little lower Let your left heel press onto the floor. Continue to stretch and lengthen your left calf muscles here for 45 seconds. Next one would switch inside to stretch our right calf was the same movement so left leg front, right leg back. Focus on really putting your weight down on your thighs through your palms of your hands and stretching the muscles that got big and bulky.

Down Dog Steps

Now, we’re getting on to the floor for a downward-facing dog. Hands on the floor shoulder-width apart feet hip-width apart, press your hands into the floor. Lift your waist up in the air to form an upside-down V. Here take your time move your hands move your feet through the stretch in the calf as you bend one leg and extend the other leg straight while pressing the heel into the floor. Then switch leg keep moving your legs freely and pushing your arms into the floor to put more weight on the legs and get more stretch in the calves in these 45 seconds. Take a bit of time to relax because the next one is slightly tougher.

Single Leg Down Dog

Alright, shake out your arms and your legs if you need a single lick Down Dog where we’ll get back to down dog position. But this time we’re holding it with right leg extended completely straight and heel on the floor. Bent your left leg and place on top of right leg so that it gets lifted completely off the floor and we’re putting most of our weight on the right leg. For the maximum stretch in the calf, press and push your hands into the floor for more stretch. The next one is the same pose but instead of stretching the left half put left leg on the floor and stack the right leg on the top as you did earlier with the left one, try to push your body weight onto your left leg for the maximum stretch. Hold your core tight so that it will also take away some of the weight from your arms. Continue to focus on the stretch and your left leg. We’re almost done

Wall Calf Stretch

And this is the last one next one is my favorite stretch that I do all the time wherever I get time it’s called wall calf stretch. Go to a wall, stand a few inches away. Keep left foot on the floor; lift your right foot to put your toes on the wall keeping your heel on the floor and flex. Keep your hands on the wall for balance. Gently lean forward into the wall to enhance the stretch that you appear in your break up stretch for 45 seconds. You can also do it on the yoga bar. Now, the same pose leaned closer to the wall for more stretch or uses a Ledge or a yoga block. After 45 seconds change feet and repeat the process. Enjoy the stretch.

Ankle Circle

For Ankle, best stretches are as follows; firstly take your shoes and socks off, sit up straight, nice and tall with your feet straight perpendicular to the ground. Shoulders back and down. Place your palm back on the floor back your hip. You should start with flexing the feet. Pointing the feet in the forward direction then making them flat at the normal position then stretching them backward and then again flat again pointing outward. Continue this for 30 -35 times. After that stretch your right foot forward, pointing outward. Try to make a circle from the ankle. Rotate your foot in the clockwise direction 6-8 times then anti-clockwise direction 6-8 times. Now relax with your right foot. Repeat the same with your left foot. Then relax for a bit then finally start making circles with boot feet first both in the clockwise direction then both in the anti-clockwise direction. This exercise extremely helps you ion releasing the stored stress between your ankles and feet. And finally, you are done.

These were some really basic stretching steps that you can easily involve in your daily life. There are many programs for Yoga in Rishikesh, where you learn how to do these exercises correctly on a regular basis. As students of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, aspiring yoga teachers must know about these stretches as these can be very beneficial and then can give you immense benefits and relief in pain.

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