Types of Yoga Teacher Training Classes

The Yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh have designed not one but various Yoga teacher training courses. These courses are different in terms of Yoga style, duration, syllabus, amenities and facilities, and much more. Although there are many courses to choose from the experience is equally spiritual and peace-giving in each. All the yoga teacher training courses offered in Rishikesh strictly follow the guidelines outlined by the Yoga Alliance. For better understanding let us read in detail what the different courses have to offer-

200 Hour Teacher Training Program

More popularly known as an intensive Yoga course, the 200 hour Yoga teacher training program covers all the aspects of hatha yoga, hatha yoga in ashtanga, or Iyenger yoga style. The course is carefully designed to cover all the aspects in a short duration but in an impactful way. The course is perfect for all beginner and intermediate level yoga practitioners.

If you plan to achieve the knowledge of a learned and authentic yoga teacher with 200 hour yoga teacher training program you can attain superb theoretical and practical knowledge about yoga that transforms you into a confident teacher capable of sharing the knowledge of yoga with the students.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

300 hour yoga teacher training program is a more deeper and detailed course. Just as the 200 hour intense yoga teaching course aims to provide all the required knowledge for the beginner level practitioner, the 300 hour yoga teacher training program aims to provide a much deeper and detailed knowledge of yoga to help the learners dive into the more complex realms of yoga and attain a much better understanding of Yoga and become a much better-inspired yoga teacher.

The 300 hour Yoga teacher training program offers an understanding of advanced yoga teaching skills. Once the course is complete, you will be very confident in teaching beginner and intermediate level practitioners.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 500 hour yoga teacher training course enables the aspiring yoga teachers to experience the complete spectrum of Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training course in a single course and the trainee will attain each and every bit of knowledge that will help them to teach confidently in the future

Once the 500 hour yoga teacher training course has been completed, you are qualified to register with Yoga Alliance anywhere as a certified RYT-500 teacher (Registered Yoga Teacher) and this will provide you with a jump start in your career as a certified yoga instructor.

The 500 hour yoga teacher training program is an intensive course that will provide you with a deeper understanding and knowledge of the physiology of yoga, mudras, teaching methodology and you will have ample time to practice so that you can begin to teach yoga with confidence.

Why Rishikesh?

No matter what course you choose and what level practitioner you are it is vital to take the course from a place that provides the right atmosphere and the right knowledge because misguidance can be dangerous. This is why Rishikesh is the best place for taking up any Yoga teacher training course. Not only is it packed with beautiful views and spiritual culture but also it is a small town, so you don’t waste much time arranging amenities, you can easily focus on the Yoga course. Rishikesh is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in India and along with its historical significance, it becomes the best place on earth to take up yoga teacher training courses. To establish peace inside it is vital to have peace outside and Rishikesh provides you the perfect environment. Being the place where the art of Yoga originated, Rishikesh offers you the right motivation, as many and many before you have come here and successfully transformed their lives and become true yogis.

Rishikesh Yoga Studio

At Rishikesh Yoga studio, we offer all the courses for all levels of practitioners. The courses have been carefully created by Yogis who have been practicing this art for years. The Yoga course targets yoga practitioners of all levels. Rishikesh Yoga studio is blessed to have experienced and wise teachers who are well versed in their job and make the students learn the right practice in the most efficient way. The teachers strongly recommend that the students do gentle yoga before joining the Yoga course to take a head start.

Feel safe in the hands of our trainer, who are experienced and possess the knowledge of not just yoga in the original form but also the art of teaching yoga. Yogis who have been practicing the art of Yoga for years have joined us in our mission to create more and more Yoga teachers. We offer the yoga teacher training course as we believe no one should be untouched by the beauty of this art, at least not due to lack of time. So waste no time and join the Rishikesh yoga studio and start transforming your life.

The yoga teacher training program at Rishikesh yoga studio offers various choices according to the needs of the aspiring Yogis. You can choose a 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Classes, a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Class in Rishikesh, or a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Class. Each class is created to deliver its purpose and has its own uniqueness. These courses are just different paths to one destination.

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