What is Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program?

A healthy and fit body is just another advantage of Hatha Yoga. Classical Hatha Yoga has the power to get your system prepared for jovial growth

What is Hath Yoga?

Many people make the mistake of considering Hath yoga as mere exercise, however, it is not. It is to streamline the energies of your body in the correct manner through body postures. This is done by learning the mechanics of the body and in a particular atmosphere. Posture is more commonly called Asana in Yoga. Any posture in Yoga that permits you to attain your true self is a Yogasana. Although there are many different ways to put this, but to understand this in a simple manner, I have known a person long enough, it is possible to almost tell everything that is happening with him, just through the observation of his postures. Humans have particular postures of sitting when they happy, sad, angry, or have any other emotional energy. Thus by carefully observing the posture, we can understand the emotional state. The human body naturally takes a certain posture for certain levels of situations. Asana is just the reverse of this science. It uses different body postures consciously to reach a certain level of consciousness.

What is Hatha Yoga Teacher training program?

Yoga Teacher Training Schools in Rishikesh teaches classical Hatha yoga in its purest form. These schools have the vision to promote the sacred science of Hatha Yoga and spread it to each and every individual. In order to achieve this goal, Yoga training schools in Rishikesh are offering Yoga teacher training courses in Hatha Yoga at affordable prices. In the course, Hatha yoga is taught in the most practical and simple ways in the most peaceful and positive environment. The main goal of the Yoga teacher training program is to create more and more individuals who have the capabilities of not only practicing Yoga but also teach it to more and more. In this manner, Yoga will flourish all over the world and the world will become a much better place to live. The yoga teacher training is not just a course; it’s an opportunity to transform your life and that of many others.

The course takes place at a specially created positively energized space where the knowledge of Hatha Yoga is transferred in the most amazing ways. The program consists of powerful sadhanas, complete training to teach yoga asanas, and many more complimentary benefits. The program is created and conducted in a way that trainees not only become the Yoga teacher but also learn the yogic way of life. A certificate is provided to each trainee post the completion of the program, this certificate will enable the trainee to teach Hatha yoga professionally.

Why Rishikesh?

If you have ever visited Rishikesh or know someone who has, then you probably know the answer to this. Rishikesh is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in India and along with its historical significance, it becomes the best place on earth to take up yoga teacher training courses. To establish peace inside it is vital to have peace outside and Rishikesh provides you the perfect environment. Being the place where the art of Yoga originated, Rishikesh offers you the right motivation, as many and many before you have come here and successfully transformed their lives and become true yogis.

A Choice of Courses

Yoga Teacher Training program offers different choices according to the needs of the aspiring Yogis. You can choose a 100 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Classes, a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Class in Rishikesh, or a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Class. Each class is created to deliver its purpose and has its own uniqueness. These courses are just different paths to one destination.

Rishikesh Yoga Studio – The perfect place to start a blissful life

With the exclusive 200 Hour of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course, which is designed by the most learned and experienced yogi, Rishikesh Yoga studio is without any doubt the best Yoga teacher training school to take up a yoga teacher training course. We focus on changing your way of life by providing you with the right energy, right knowledge, and right discipline. Our trainers are experienced and possess the knowledge of Hatha yoga in the purest form. Yogis who have been practicing this art for years have joined us in our mission to create more and more Yoga teachers. We also offer 100 hour of yoga teacher training course as we believe no one should be untouched by the beauty of this art, at least not due to lack of time. So waste no time and join the Rishikesh yoga studio and start transforming your life.

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