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Well, many of us don’t know what meditation really is, so first let’s know a little about what is meditation and why we should meditate every day. According to many famous meditation gurus, it is an act of giving constant attention to only one thing, it can be your religious activity or positive thoughts or studies, anything which you like to play over and over again.

Let’s open our minds here…

The very first part, we always see is that most of the meditation’s acts should be done by paying attention to one thing, meaning centralization, such as breathing, chanting mantras, and many more. Now, in the second part, we have seen that meditation can be spiritual, secular, or religious, which brings discipline. There are vast frames of mediation, like exercises are one of the most traditional ways to meditate, in Christianity, reading of Bible is a way to meditate spiritually, a great to bring readers to a direct experience of spirituality.

200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course

In 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh, you will learn to meet your wisdom.

You will learn many meditation techniques to remove pollution from your wit.

  1. Follow ant meditation position taught by your trainer in 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training. It will help you to understand your body and your level of concentration.
  2. Open up your body and stretch a little while maintaining the meditation position.

Yoga schools in Rishikesh will push you to go deep in your thoughts, which truly helps build your strength and will to live free from disconnected thoughts.  the yoga schools will help to go deeper. Ask yourself, “let’s say that I receive everything I wish for, what I would really want now? There you will find your thoughts with many folds of answers. Ask the same questions until you find something very close to your soul and heart. Yoga Schools push everyone to have the same process of thought process to learn the sense of collectivity which brings the value of like in your learning as well. Moving a step forward, whatever you find will grow after asking the question and practice yourself to reconnect with your core thoughts, this is called the infusion, where your soul and wisdom fuse together. EVENTUALLY!! It will come to an end. Open your eyes and relax your body, your meditation coach will tell you to lay down and relax. If you like you can do slow motions like rotating your shoulders, moving your figures, or chanting the OM mantra.

When you are new to the meditation world, many questions come across, like how long should I meditate? When should I meditate? Etc. etc.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

200 hour meditation teacher training 5 Steps

Well! 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course will help you by training 5 most easy steps

  1. How long should I meditate?

If this is your first question you’re not alone here, the crowd often ask this. Are 10 minutes enough? Or an hour is too long?. Well, it is truly subordinated to who is asking the question, as the answer may differ from person to person. Sometimes one body needs 20 minutes of meditation twice a day, and there are whole other different crowds who swear that meditating for an hour in the morning is the best way to keep yourself fit and secure.

According to the yoga schools, the time period of your meditation session is your decision, it depends on your lifestyle and the level of tolerance for one sitting session. The more you will practice the more it will increase, I promise.

If you like experimenting and exploring you will develop the best of yourself. If you are new, start slow by sitting for 5 minutes and increasing 5 more minutes in every sitting. Mark a time if you need. When you feel comfortable with your sitting skills, extend by adding 10 minutes.

  1. Schedule time

In 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training, you will learn to grow your sitting time but most importantly it is important to fix a regular time to do your everyday meditation. The same time every day is perfectly fine but it can also be the time which fits your schedule and work. You can use your digital buddy here, you can set a reminder till it becomes a habit like brushing your teeth. By the time you will receive most of your practise if it’s on a regular schedule. Consistency is the key, be regular.

  1. Your meditation corner.

A meditation corner is like a nest, your very own personal space where you can collect your thoughts and peacefully recall your day. Yoga schools suggest It is very important to have a meditation corner where you can sit comfortably, free from all the glitches during your meditation. It could be a spare room, a cosy corner of your bedroom, a bright sunny balcony or your porch, it could be anywhere you feel comfortable.

However, you should arrange your meditation corner like you want to visit quite often.

  1. Critical elements

Comfort is the key, in 200 Hours of Meditation Teacher Training, you will learn to wear comfortable clothes and sit in a very comforting position, which suits your body, if you like sitting crossed-legged on the floor go for it. You will be going to receive the best of your meditation hour.

  1. Best way to meditate properly?

Sit peacefully and comfy, then observe your breath as you do many counts of these, breathe six counts, catch your breath for two counts and exhale and hold for four. After a few circles, you will notice how relaxed you feel.

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