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Top 6 Easy Yoga Poses With A Partner

Practicing Yoga with a friend, relative, life-partner, loved one or even a fellow trainee makes the experience more interesting. Bonding with a partner over a common interest is a great way to build a relationship. It helps build on each other’s strengths, overcome weaknesses and learn from one another, triggering a friendly competition and better understanding in the process.

Here are few easy yoga poses that you can try out with a partner:

Half Lotus Pose (ArdhaPadmasana)

The Half Lotus Pose requires the practitioner to sit straight, with one foot comfortably folded over the upper thigh of the other leg, spine erect, shoulders rolled back, and hands on the thighs palms facing upwards. An ideal pose to start yoga practice or meditation, getting into posture and staying there does get a lot easy when partners support themselves against each other. Starting with Sukhasana, the easy crossed-legged seated position too could prove effective.  Holding the Half lotus pose for 10 breaths before switching to the other leg is ideal.

Twin Tree Pose (Vrkshasana)

Staying focused to maintain balance is the main challenge of Vrkshasana. Standing on one leg with the other leg folded across the pelvis and the foot snugly resting on the inside upper thigh of the supporting leg, both hands at the chest level or above the head in Anjali mudra, the practitioner must try to hold the pose for up to one minute.  In the twin tree pose, however, partners can hold each other’s hand as they stand side by side in Vrkshasana, raising the other hand above the head to complete the asana.  They may choose to stand close to each other and wrap an arm around their partner’s waist to attempt the Thick Tree pose as well. Comfortable variations too can be effective.

Bound Angle Pose (BaddhaKonasana)

Yet another easy pose for beginners, the Cobbler’s pose that enhances lower body flexibility and massages lower abdomen get quite effective when practiced with a partner.  Sitting supported against a partner ensures a comfortable forward bend and backward stretch as couples take turn holding the posture. Hold the pose for up to 10 breaths if possible.

Buddy Boat Pose (ParipurnaNavasana)

The Buddy Boat pose is particularly effective in working the abdominal muscles, stretching the thigh muscles and arms, straightening the spine, opening the chest, improving digestive function and also the ability to achieve balance.  Sitting at comfortable distance across each other, bend knees to chest, soles of feet touching those of the partner, reach out and hold each other’s wrists, slowly straighten both legs up in the air to complete the pose.  Stay in position for 7 breaths.

Wide-legged Forward Fold Pose (UpavishtaKonasana)

A great asana to strengthen the thigh muscles, this posture is great to stretch out the entire body, relaxing and soothing it in the process.  Sit facing each other, legs stretched wide out with soles of each other’s feet touching.  Hold each other’s forearms by extending hands forward.  Bend forward from the hip, while the partner sits firm with straight spine and hands taut. Hold posture for  up to 7 breaths before getting to normal position and let the partner attempt the pose.

Half Lord of the Fishes (ArdhaMatsyendrasana)

This simple twisting pose gets more effective and comfortable when practiced with a partner.  Slightly modified to suit the practitioners, this asana is attempted by partners sitting back-to-back in easy cross-legged pose, Sukhasana.  Get into this basic posture comfortably.  Raise arms to shoulder height, twist right reaching out for the partner’s left knee with right arm, holding your right knee with left arm to complete the pose as the partner too attempts the same action.  Stay in position for up to 7 breaths before twisting in the opposite direction.

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